By default, your home and scratch directories are readable only by you (however, note that you can change this). In order for other users to read your files, they need to be in a directory that has read permissions enabled. Your /public/YourNetIDHere is such a directory. After copying or moving your files to that directory, you need to enable read permissions for the files themselves. You can do this by typing

cd /public/YourNetIDHere
share -f MyFile

to make MyFile readable by all other users, or

cd /public/YourNetIDHere
share -f MyDir

to make MyDir (and all files and subdirectories within) readable by all other users. The share script has additional options to enable read permissions only for particular users or groups; for instance,

share -f MyFile -u user1 user2


share -f MyFile -g group1 group2

For more information, type share --help, man chmod, or man setfacl; also see File system permissions.