BlueStreak uses the Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM) software for job queueing and scheduling system. Users must submit a walltime limit in their jobs. Otherwise, a default of 30 seconds will be used.


BlueStreak users can submit their jobs to one of four partitions (queues) with different time and node limits.

Partition Name Time Limit Minimum # nodes Maximum # nodes Usage
debug 60 minutes 1 32 Testing and debugging programs
standard 24 hours 1 512 Normal execution queue
reserved 48 hours 4 1024 For jobs using a reservation on the system

Queue Information

To view all jobs running or queued on BlueStreak, type:

squeue -l

To view the jobs for a specific user:

squeue -l -u <NetID>

Type 'man squeue' for more information.

Job Submission

  • sample sbatch script

Jobs are submitted to the queue using an sbatch script, such as

#SBATCH --job-name MyJob                 # Job name
#SBATCH --partition debug                # Partition [debug, preempt, standard, reserved]
#SBATCH --nodes 4                        # Number of nodes [must be power of 2 within queue limitations]
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node 16             # Number of tasks per node (There are 16 cores per node)
#SBATCH --cpus-per-task 1                # Number of cores per task (If not 1, then you should use openmp or a compiler that can auto-parallelize)
#SBATCH --time 0-00:30:00                # wall time (30 minutes)
#SBATCH --mail-type ALL                  # Send e-mail when... [BEGIN, END, FAIL, REQUEUE, or ALL]
##SBATCH --mail-user  # e-mail address - (currently commented out)

srun yourprogram

Note that srun must appear before a command in order for it to run on a compute node

  • sbatch submits a job to the queue:
sbatch yourscript

Type 'man sbatch' for more information.

  • scancel cancels a queued or running job:
scancel <jobid>

Jobs that were previously running should now display a completed status.


There is a tool called core processor that will parse core files for debugging. It is located at


You can also use the utility addr2line to parse core files.