name category description versions/modules
R Mathematics/Statistics statistical computing R-2.15.2
amber Molecular Biology molecular dynamics amber-11
bfast Bioinformatics Blat-like fast accurate search tool bfast-0.7.0a
blacs Mathematics/Statistics Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms blacs
blas Mathematics/Statistics Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms blas
boost Libraries free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries boost-1.50.0
cmake Programming Tools open source software construction tool cmake-
cp2k Chemistry molecular dynamics and density functional theory cp2k-2.4-essl, cp2k-2.4-essl-fftw
fftw Mathematics/Statistics Name: Fastest Fourier Transform in the West (FFTW) fftw-3.1.2-essl, fftw-3.3.2-MPI, fftw-3.3.2-MPI-XL, fftw-3.3.3-MPI-XL, fftw-3.3.3-MPI-XL-float, fftw-3.3.3-MPI-XL-threads
gnu Compilers GNU compiler collection for compute nodes gnu-compilers
gromacs Molecular Biology molecular dynamics gromacs-4.5.5
hdf5 Programming Tools data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data hdf5-1.8.8-MPI-XL, hdf5-1.8.9-MPI-XL
hypre Mathematics/Statistics high performance preconditioners and solvers for the solution of large, sparse linear systems of equations hypre-2.8.0b-MPI-XL, hypre-2.8.0b-MPI-XL-No-Global-Partition, hypre-2.9.0b-MPI-XL-No-Global-Partition
lapack Mathematics/Statistics Linear Algebra PACKage lapack
mercurial Progamming Tools free, distributed source control management tool mercurial-2.4-rc
mpi Compilers Message Passing Interface mpi-gnu, mpi-xl
namd Molecular Biology molecular dynamics namd-2.9
netbeans Programming Tools integrated development environment netbeans-7.3.1
parallel Programming Tools GNU parallel, a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel parallel
pbwa Bioinformatics parallel Burrows-Wheller aligner pbwa-1.21
scons Programming Tools open source software construction tool scons-2.0.0