Total Processing Power: 1024 Compute Nodes, 16,384 CPU Cores, 209TFLOPS

The Blue Gene/Q system at the University of Rochester, called BlueStreak, consists of one rack of the 209 TFLOPS IBM Blue Gene/Q massively parallel processing (MPP) supercomputer, one IBM System p (POWER 7) front-end node, one IBM System p (POWER 7) service node, and 4 IBM System x I/O nodes connected to a 400 TB IBM GPFS System Storage solution. The Blue Gene/Q system consists of 1,024 nodes, 16,384 CPU cores, 16 TB of RAM, and 400 TB of storage. Each node consists of a 16-core A2 processor with 32 MB of cache and access to 16 GB of RAM. The figure below shows the hardware configuration of BlueStreak.



  • User accounts and access from IP addresses or ranges is requested using the web-based account management tool.
  • Your username is your NETID. Your password is your NETID password.


  • Secure Shell (SSH) is the only supported mechanism for accessing BlueStreak.
  • Connect via ssh to


  • A variety of software and tools have been installed, primarily under /usr/local.
  • For further assistance, please e-mail us at

Data Storage

BlueStreak is connected to a 400 TB General Parallel File System (GPFS), a portion of which is allocated to /scratch. Please limit the data in /home to configuration files and application software. Please see the data storage policies on the page for more information.

Additional Documentation

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