If you are using a wired connection on River Campus or in the Medical Center, then you may skip this section. If you are using a wireless connection and are connected to UR_Connected on the River Campus or UR_MCwireless in the Medical Center, then you may also skip this section. For all other users (i.e. those connecting from off-campus or from a wireless connection on campus other than the two mentioned previously), you must connect to the University of Rochester’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) each time before accessing CIRC machines. This section provides information on how to connect using the VPN and a chart listing when you need the VPN to connect.

VPN Access

If you are using an insecure wireless connection on campus, or a connection from an off-campus location, you need to connect to the VPN before accessing CIRC systems. Note that either one of the two approved VPN solutions (UR VPN and URMC VPN) will work for connecting to CIRC systems.

The River Campus VPN software, installation instructions, and information on how to connect to the VPN are all available on the UR VPN Page available at http://tech.rochester.edu/services/vpn-remote-access.

For URMC VPN users, please visit http://intranet.urmc-sh.rochester.edu/InfoSystems/HelpResources/Network/VPN/.

Note: You will need your NetID and password to login and download the VPN software and instructions.