Several of the applications on BlueHive (ipython, spark, Matlab MDCE, TurboVNC, etc...) use a client/server architecture. While you can run both the client and the server within the bluehive environment, you may prefer to run the client on your local machine. As the compute nodes are not directly accessible from your local machine, you will need to establish an SSH tunnel.

Let's say you want to access a python notebook running on a compute node (bhc0001) on port 8080. You will need to select a local port as the source for the tunnel. Any open port will do, but lets use port 8081 in this example. We need to open a Terminal and run

        ssh -N -L 8081:bhc0001:8080 

This will forward requests sent to our local port 8081 to port 8080 on bhc0001.

Then we would open a browser on our local machine and point it to


All of the traffic between our local browser and the compute node will be encrypted and sent through the SSH tunnel on bluehive.

To close the tunnel, just terminate ssh.