This section provides a brief overview of transferring files to the CIRC systems.

Video Tutorial

Transferring files to CIRC Systems

WinSCP is an open-source software program that allows for easy file transfers between BlueHive and Windows-based computers. WinSCP may be downloaded at Use the default installation configuration and accept any security precautions that may appear.

  1. Connect to VPN if necessary (see the VPN section for more information).

  2. Upon opening WinSCP, enter for the Host Name, your NetID as the Username, and your password in the Password field.


  3. Click Login. A window displaying your directories will appear.

  4. Files may be easily transferred to and from BlueHive by dragging and dropping files to the desired location. Files from your personal computer are on the left, while files on your BlueHive account are in the right column. You may also right click on the file you wish to transfer and then select “copy”. A window will appear asking you to specify the file destination location.


  5. To end your BlueHive session, simply click the exit button in the top right corner of the window. Click OK in the termination window that appears.