Once initial setup is completed, there are only a few steps necessary to transfer files using GridFTP. Importantly, the steps are the same whether you are moving files to or from the University of Rochester’s systems at CIRC.

First, you must log in to Globus Online using your UR credentials:


You can then click on ‘Start Transfer’ under ‘Manage Data’:


You must then specify the source and destination for your files. On the left, at Endpoint, enter the name of the endpoint that you created when setting up the endpoint, taking the form of username#machine. You can then click the [...] button to browse for the source or destination of your file.

Note: If you’re unable to locate files on your machine, give the Globus Connect client explicit access to areas on your machine through the Tools -> Options menu.

Then, on the right, you must enter the University of Rochester’s CIRC endpoint, which is University of Rochester - CIRC - Bluehive.

Here, you will enter your NetID/CIRC username and password, and authenticate.

Once you have the correct source and destination selected, and have given the transfer job a name of your choosing, you can go ahead and click the arrow representing the direction you want the file transfer to occur (left to right, or right to left). In this example, a local file is selected on the left hand side, and will be transferred to CIRC on the right hand side:


Once your transfer is initiated, you can click on ‘View Transfer Activity’ to view the status of your transfer.