To get the most out of CIRC workshops our summer school classes, you will want to make sure you have an account on Bluehive and are familiar with connecting to the cluster.

Getting an Account

Connecting to the Wireless Network

  • Instructions for connecting to the university's wireless networks can be found at
  • To connect to BlueHive you will need to first connect to either
    • UR_RC_Internal_Secure (and then login to the webform with your netid credentials)
    • UR_Connected (using your netid credentials)
      • Plase note that URMC credentials may not work with UR_Connected
    • UR_RC_Guest (and then connect to the university's VPN.
  • If you need to reset your password you can do so at

Connecting to BlueHive

  • Information about connecting to bluehive can be found here.
  • Windows users can connect via
    • Putty (does not support graphics)
    • MobaXterm
    • X2go client
  • Mac and Linux users can connect via
    • Terminal
    • xterm
    • x2go client