Displaying High Resolution Data

  • While VISTA is capable of displaying over 50 megapixels (mp), the limiting factor is often the device generating the video output.
  • Output from a single laptop through the floor boxes will be limited to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (or 2 mp). This can be scaled up by 400% to fill 2/3rds of the display, but will look pixelated for anyone close to it. See Layout 6 below.
  • The Bravo workstation can fill the entire wall pixel for pixel with a single Windows or Gnome desktop.
  • The Mac Pro in the room can output 12.5 mb, and when scaled by 200% can fill the entire wall.
  • The display itself has an 8 x 3 aspect ratio, so if you want content to fill the entire display without distortion, it needs to match that aspect ratio.
  • Images up to a resolution of 5760 x 3240 or smaller, can be easily displayed without loss of information from either the Bravo or the Mac Pro.
  • Images up to 11520x4320 can be displayed from the Bravo without loss of information.
  • Feel free to contact circ@rochester.edu for any assistance with determining the best layout(s) for your research application.

Presentations on VISTA

When giving presentations in the VISTA, it is best to keep in mind the wide aspect ratio of the wall. Most default powerpoint presentations still have a 4x3 aspect ratio, while most modern displays have a 16x9 aspect ratio. The VISTA display has an 8x3 aspect ratio.
Another thing to consider when giving presentations to large groups, is that the bottom row of monitors will not be easily visible. For best results, presentations should be formatted to 32x9, or at least 16x9.
*Also, while the bezels in the Vista are very small (1/16th) of an inch, you may want to consider their location when formatting presentations.

Here is a list of various aspect ratios and how they might appear on the VISTA, along with links to powerpoint templates that con be used (that contain bezel locations)

8 x 3

32 x 9

16 x 9

4 x 3

16 x 9 (bottom row empty)

4 x 3 (bottom row empty)