To request a reservation at the VISTA Collaboratory, you can use our reservation system at

  1. Log in with your NetID.
  2. You can then browse the calendar and click the start time you’d like to request for VISTA. Reservation requests less than 24 hours ahead of time may not be accommodated, nor events out of business hours.
  3. At the reservation details screen, check the “Resources to be reserved” section. You can reserve the adjacent space to the VISTA at the same time if needed.
  4. Enter your beginning and ending time.
  5. Please enter a title and description of the event/purpose for the VISTA reservation you are requesting.
  6. Please indicate the number of attendees, chairs, and tables you’d like to use.
  7. Indicate how you’d like the VISTA configured, either individual seating, rows of tables, or a conference-style table setup.
  8. If someone besides yourself is to be contacted for billing, ensure you enter their name. There is a $20 per hour fee to use the VISTA Collaboratory. Faculty and students who do not have funding available to pay this fee should contact the Director of CIRC.

Once you’ve entered your event details, click Create. This will enter a reservation request into our system. You will receive an email indicating that you’ve requested a time slot.

You will receive a second email confirming that your reservation has been held. Your reservation has not been confirmed until you receive this email.