• The Vista Collaboratory is equipped with 6 tables, 6 command chairs, and 40 additional regular chairs.
  • While the max occupancy for the Vista Collaboratory is 49 people, things get cozy for more than 40 people.
  • Large events can use additional seating in the area outside of the Vista beyond the glass wall. There are speakers outside of the room that can be used to project audio from the podium mic in the Vista or from any of the audio sources, however, you may want to consider bringing a wireless mic and mixer to allow for interaction between speakers and audience members outside of the Vista.
  • The room is sound proof and there are blinds that can be pulled to close off the glass wall and doors for additional privacy.

Here are some of the more common room layouts used in the Vista. If a table is near a floor box, then patch cables can be used to extend the hookups for VGA, HDMI, Audio, Network, and Power to the table tops.